RadioActive - Active Synthetic Communications

RadioActive is a highly configurable simulated communications software solution, suitable for military communications training and communications environment emulation.


  • Skin-able Interface – Flexible user interface design tools to customise the look and feel for training requirements.  Simple placement of communications elements, configuration of skins, and behaviours and events made simple for non-technical users.
  • Designed for simulation of military radios, supporting multiple communication protocols for interoperability (DIS / HLA) – UHF, VHF, HF, SATCOM, Intercom, Hotlines, Call Answer lines, Multi-party open net intercoms, and broadcast nets.
  • Mouse and touch screen support; can be operated without a keyboard attached.  Easily configured key-binding for triggering functions via key press and USB foot switch support.
  • Simulated audio effects such as degraded audio, encrypted transmission tones and key delays, audio side-tone and transmission delays.
  • Low processing overheads, allowing the application to operate on low cost hardware.
  • Design allows for a virtually unlimited number of radios and intercoms per station.
  • Easy integration with existing Qt Applications.
  • Available for Windows and Linux.
  • Terrain and line of sight occlusion modelling available.

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