DiSTI - Empowering the Human Machine Interface

DiSTI combines advanced graphical user interface technology with strategic innovation to bring customers in any industry the high-fidelity and high-performance graphical computing solutions they demand. From safety critical embedded applications to the rapid prototyping of cockpits and dashboard instruments, DiSTI offers a streamlined approach to any visual interaction application.


DiSTI’s flagship product, GL Studio, enables programmers and developers to build and integrate high-fidelity graphics, 3D simulations and fully interactive controls into their software products, enhancing the level of realism and sophistication, while improving learning and retention.


GL Studio DT Develop desktop-based interfaces faster and easier than ever before with GL Studio DT (Desktop), a powerful offering that includes features essential to developing high fidelity desktop graphical applications.

GL Studio ES Transition from prototyping, to testing, to embedded system deployment seamlessly with GL Studio ES (Embedded Systems), which offers powerful development features and a single code base.

GL Studio SC  For safety critical systems, utilize GL Studio SC (Safety Critical), the recognized industry standard for the rapid prototyping of safety critical Human Machine Interfaces (HMI).

Replic8  Replic8 is a groundbreaking new software tool for effortlessly creating virtual training content from 3D Studio Max with no programming experience necessary.

Prebuilt Content DiSTI offers Reusable Software Objects (RSOs) as pre-built photo realistic software components that can be imported into a simulation project with minimal effort, saving time and money. RSO Bundles Cockpits

Add Ons GL Studio plug-ins allow users to seamlessly connect data sources, create moving map displays, and interact with Approach Procedure charts. DiSTI’s 3rd party products ensure seamless transitions among software applications.






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