Simulation Solutions Australia (SIMSOL) is an Australian company located in Melbourne and formed in 2009. The company specialises in providing niche solutions to customers in the areas of Government, Communications, Defence and Emergency Services. SIMSOL is composed of technical specialists with significant experience in requirements development, design, implementation and fielding complex applications and environments.

Extensive Simulation Experience

SIMSOL offers extensive experience in the development, deployment, and operation of simulation systems and tools for training, military force preparation, and experimentation, and research support. SIMSOL’s core development team has specialised in software development in the Defence simulation industry collectively for over twenty years and for over thirty years in the supply and support of simulation software products to the market space.

Extensive expertise in areas of:

Research and Development

SIMSOL is involved in ongoing development of advanced distributed simulation capabilities at its own facility to support Joint and Coalition synthetic environments for training, command team certification, Defence research and experimentation.

SIMSOL is actively pursuing opportunities to provide new services and products in the niche areas described above, namely:

  • Commercial off-the Shelf (COTS) customisation: SIMSOL has recently entered into an Engineering Partnership with VT MAK to provide software development support and training to Australian and Worldwide MAK customers. SIMSOL is investing resources into evaluating MAK products, and where necessary, extending and developing new capabilities to assist Defence in experimentation, coalition exercises, and training and evaluation.
  • Researching avenues to enter new markets where SIMSOL can leverage military simulation concepts / solutions, namely Commercial Air Services, Emergency Services, and Serious Games.
SIMSOL has identified areas in the simulation software market where it can leverage its expertise, and is investing resources into developing commercial products to fill these niche areas at its Development and Demonstration facility. Namely:

  • MAK VR Forces plug-ins: VR-Forces is a Computer Generated Forces software package that provides a capability to inject synthetic forces into a simulated environment. SIMSOL has identified a number of deficiencies, particularly for the Air Battle Management domain, and is researching functionality that can be added to the product and marketed commercially to the existing MAK consumer base.
  • Software Communications: Highly configurable software communication solution ideal for military communications training. The product provides: a skin-able interface to tailor the application to specific training needs, UHF, VHF, SATCOM, Intercom, Hotlines, Call Answer lines, multi-party open net intercoms, and broadcast nets; Mouse, touch screen and USB foot switch support; and Audio effects.


SIMSOL has a core team of senior software engineers and subject matter experts at its disposal. SIMSOL can provide software engineers to applicable niche Defence capability areas from various levels, up to Expert level.

SIMSOL can provide personal with current active clearances up to SECRET.

SIMSOL’s core team experience includes:

Software Development and Consulting at DSTO (Fishermans Bend):

  • Air Operations Division (AOD):
  • Air Vehicles Division (AVD):
  • Air Operations Simulation Centre (AOSC):
  • LDefence Material Organisation (DMO):

Simulation development, planning and operation in training and military preparation for VAE / SAFR / RASEC.

Generic Game Controller: Development and delivery of specialised simulation research paper on the applicability of MAK VR Forces 4.0to allow Air Operations and Navy to create and manage war-game scenarios.

Software and infrastructure support for experimentation, training and military preparation (joint and coalition environments):

  • Black Skies 08
  • Black Skies 09
  • Pacific Link 2 (PacLink2)
  • CReaMS.Pacific Link 2 (PacLink2)

Software Development and Project Management on projects including:

  • Virtual Air Environment (VAE) / RASEC / SAFR: Design, management and development of a high fidelity Tactical Airspace Training capability for the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF). This experience extended to deployment at the Surveillance and Control Training Unit (SaCTU) and the School of Air Warfare (SAW), and software training of RAAF Air Defence.
  • Synthetic Human-in-the-loop (SHARP): Project coordination and development of a mature, robust human in the loop simulation facility for AOD on behalf of the AIR 7000 project. The goal is to provide simulation support for the analysis and experimentation for CONOPS and tactics development and the use of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) as a supplemental to manned platforms.
  • MRH / ARH Helicopter simulator: Development of mission critical image generation and computer graphics software modules to meet increasing visual simulation demands to extend the capability of the MRH/ARH Helicopter operations for the AOSC on behalf of the AIR 9000 project.
  • Tactical Air Mission Experimental Environment (TaMEE): Design, management and development for the AOSC of a rapid prototype human in the loop stick and throttle F18 simulator.
  • Vigilare Test Harness: Management and development of a test harness for DMO to support the full range of functions and capabilities required by the Vigilare simulation interface.
  • Personal Evaluation Training System After Action Review (PETSAAR) for Royal Australian Navy (RAN): Development of personal evaluation tool to aid instructors during training operations and generating individual and / or group reports.

VT MAK Engineering Partner

In recognition of our experience and capability in the simulation domain, SIMSOL has recently entered into an Engineering Partnership with VT MAK to provide software development support and training to Australian and Worldwide VT MAK customers. We believe this partnership will help strengthen SIMSOL’s overall capability to meet the simulation needs of the Australian Defence Force.

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